30+ years expertise in Leadership, Team and Organization Development

Team Development

Teams are the building blocks of performance and success in organizations. We offer customized support in working with intact teams and team development workshops.

New Team Start Up:

  • The New Team Start Up is an excellent way to kick start clarity, meaning, action and motivation into a team. We provide a structured and facilitated process for the team to work through team goals and roles, build interpersonal relationships, and establish team processes.

New Team Leader Integration

  • We provide a high impact process that greatly accelerates a leader’s integration into a new team and environment.
  • The leader will gain a deeper understanding of what the team needs in order to be effective towards achieving key goals
  • The team will gain a much clearer understanding of what is important to the new leader and how to work more effectively with him/her

Accelerating Team Development

  • We provide a structured and facilitated process for the leader and team to identify business priorities, link them to team development needs, map existing team strengths, and together create a robust plan for team development.

Team Climate Assessment

  • The team climate assessment will involve a confidential survey on a number of areas related to team effectiveness. The results are aggregated at the team level and overall strengths and development areas for the team are shared with the entire team. Priorities for the team are then identified for action.
  • The team climate assessment works extremely well when integrated as part of a team building or team development program.

Team Profiling

  • Myers Brings Type Indicator (MBTI) , DISC , HBDI and other profiling tools provide an excellent platform for team members to understand themselves and their teammates in terms of how to communicate, influence, and work together effectively. The profiles are engaging for team members and work extremely well as part of a team building intervention.

Team Conflict Resolution

  • Team Conflict Resolution would involve an initial consultation with the team leader, and may involve further consultations with the team and /or individuals so as to understand the issues in the team.
  • Customized solutions towards addressing the conflict may include: team leaders coaching, team climate assessment, targeted team building initiatives, and /or establishing team values, team charter, or a team behavioral agreement.

Your Team in Change

  • We provide a structured and facilitated process for the entire team to work through the change together. The team will gain greater clarity on why the change is happening and the impact of the change on the team. The team will then create success strategies for managing the emotional impact (for individuals) and a robust action plan for working through the change successfully.

We also have other programs targeted at intact teams.

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