30+ years expertise in Leadership, Team and Organization Development

Latitude International Consulting Ltd.

Latitude International Consulting Limited provide professional services, customized solutions and training to multi-national firms across the Asia Pacific and globally.

  • Latitude International Consulting Ltd. is a Hong Kong based firm that provides professional consulting and training services to multinational firms across Asia Pacific and globally.
  • Our goal is to build long term relationships with clients and become trusted partners and advisors in supporting and developing their most valuable asset: people!
  • All clients have unique requirements, and therefore all our work is customized to meet client needs. We have a network of professionals across the Asia Pacific region and globally to support a variety of client needs.
  • We have successfully delivered over 5000 training workshops and interactive webinars across Asia. We regularly support clients in Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and elsewhere in Asia.
  • Our focus is Leadership Development, Team Development, and Organization Development

Latitude International Consulting Values:

Professionalism, Quality, Trust and Flexibility