30+ years expertise in Leadership, Team and Organization Development

Career Development

We are passionate about helping organizations and individuals with career development. Career Development is extremely important to employees. Yet, employee opinion surveys often reveal career development as one of the bottom 3 scoring areas in most organizations. Let us help you create stronger support for career development in your organization.

Career Development for Employees

We offer customized support for employees in the following areas:

  • Career coaching
  • Coaching for greater utilization of strengths
  • Exploring employee career values
  • Creating more meaningful and longer term career goals
  • Developing effective mentor relationships
  • Building network for enhanced job performance and career growth
  • Initiating effective career conversations
  • Creating robust development plans
Career Development Skills for Managers

One of the best ways to have a positive impact on job performance, employee engagement, and overall job satisfaction is to help managers get more skilled at developing their employees.

We offer customized support for managers in the following areas:

  • leading effective career discussions with direct reports
  • coaching for current job related development
  • coaching for longer term development
  • Using a team strength inventory to plan for team development
  • Using a business priority and team skills matrix to plan for team development
  • Handling difficult development situations ( for example – lack of motivation or unrealistic expectations for promotion)
  • Helping employees create a compelling strengths-based development plan towards their career success