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New for 2024


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New For 2024

Check out these new workshop offerings for 2024:

  •  Leading in a Crisis – Are you ready to handle the next crisis? This workshop will provide the foundation principles for leading under high pressure situations. Learn to communicate with confidence, make effective decisions with limited time and information, engage with empathy, and bolster resilience in the organization.
  •  Thriving in Multiple Roles With constant change and increasing pressure at work, leaders and employees must frequently take on additional roles – often permanently.  The workshop will provide strategies to prioritize the additional workload, manage increased stakeholder expectations, engage further support through increased delegation and empowerment, and thrive with the increased responsibilities.
  • Leading without a TitleLearn the powerful benefits of adopting a positive and proactive leadership mindset regardless of title or tenure. Find out how to align key stakeholders, tap into personal power, influence with impact and create positive momentum on projects and initiatives.
  • Business Networking – Your best asset for career success is your network! Take stock of your network and proactively identify gaps and priorities for action.  Discover multiple techniques to prepare for networking, use proven strategies to engage in rapport building, and learn how to make the most of networking events!  
  • Leading Hybrid Teams – Most teams now operate in some kind of hybrid format. Learn to set a strong and lasting foundation for team performance in today’s hybrid environment.
  • Communicating to a Short-Attention Span Audience – Attention spans are decreasing (we are becoming more like goldfish 😊)! Learn several practical ways to get your point across clearly – even to the most distracted audiences!
  • Building Presence, Visibility, and Impact – One of the best ways to increase your effectiveness at work is to enhance your visibility, your presence, and your impact. Learn to increase daily visibility, manage your voice for greater impact, and explore multiple techniques for communicating with increasing levels of confidence and assertiveness in group settings.
  • Creating Psychological Safety – Want to increase team performance? Focus on building trust and increasing psychological safety. Learn how to create a team environment where team members are candid and open, and where great ideas will emerge to boost performance to new levels.
  • Dealing with Ambiguity – In times of ambiguity and uncertainty, employees often worry about taking the wrong action or making the wrong decision. Dealing with Ambiguity helps employees avoid paralysis, take clear actions, make confident decisions, and maintain proactivity even when the path ahead is unclear!
  • Business Networking – Learn tips and strategies for building your business network – with additional emphasis on how to build your network while working remotely!
  • Driving Virtual Collaboration – Learn the key ingredients for successful virtual collaboration and explore platforms and tools that enable better virtual collaboration.

Please contact us for more information on any of these new offering

Working Virtually Series

We offer the following suite of 7 programs to help leaders and employees operate more effectively in an increasingly virtual environment:

  • Presenting to a Virtual / Hybrid Audience (new)
  • Leading Hybrid Teams (new)
  • Working Virtually
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Leading Effective Virtual Meetings
  • Effective Virtual Facilitation
  • Driving Virtual Collaboration

If you are interested to learn more, or if you would like a detailed program outline, please contact us

5 Tips for Maximizing Productivity in the New Working Environment

  1. Create Focus Time – The highest productivity comes from creating focus blocks of 1-2 hours where you can work productively with zero distractions. Schedule time for focus blocks and lock these time blocks into your schedule. Then protect them with your life!
  2. Balance Your Week – Your week is your “building-block” for time management. You have exactly 168 hours to spend. What is the best allocation of your week?  Look at your work time, your sleep time, your TV computer time and all other areas you spend your time.  What are your real priorities?  Can you shift time from lower priority areas to higher priority activities? 
  3. Proactively Manage Stakeholder Communications – Identify your top 5 stakeholders, and proactively aim to establish a regular meeting schedule them, thereby avoiding ad hoc / random meetings that impact your schedule – especially your focus blocks.
  4. Establish Team Norms for Productivity, Effectiveness and Balance – discuss and share with your entire team best practices for productivity and efficiency. An example might be to all agree on when it is ok to shut down for the day, so that team members do not feel the need to respond to emails 24×7.
  5. Convert commute time to exercise – If you are working from home, the good news is that there is zero commute time. Why not put that 30 minutes (or more) to use for some physical fitness to kick start and /or wrap up your work day.

And just to increase your productivity further, here are a few tips on avoiding zoom fatigue.


2024 Update

Over the last 24 months we’ve continued to support Asia Pacific regional and global firms with a combination of face-to-face workshops and hundreds of interactive virtual trainings.

  • Global Investment BanksWe are working closely with 6 different global investment firms. We have delivered customized programs in the following areas:  Leading Hybrid Teams, Presenting Virtually; Dealing with Ambiguity; Leading Larger Teams; Business Networking Skills, Conflict management; Judgement and Decision making; Effective Coaching skills,  Mastering Virtual Presence; Negotiation Skills, Delegation Skills; Stakeholder Management; Story Telling for Business; Managing Time and Priorities; Problem Solving; Navigating Change; Growth Mindset, and Managing Client Relationships. (60+ sessions)
    We have also run specialized programs for identified top female talent.
  • Global Luxury Brand – Leading a Virtual Team (30 + sessions) – Americas, Europe and Asia; Advanced Management Program (2 day face-to-face); Customized workshops to support the launch of a global mentoring program and a global business engagement program. 
  • National Financial Regulator– Presenting Virtually, Management Essentials, Personal Effectiveness (10 sessions)
  • National Universitywe’ve delivered a series of 5 customized leadership workshops for a Masters in Business program.
  • Global Sports Brand – we worked with a top APAC Leadership Team to identify top level strategies for success and co-create core values to support future direction of the brand. This was a 5-month journey of multiple modules, all conducted virtually!
  • Global Luxury Brand – developed and delivered an intensive two-day Crucial Conversations workshop; and developed and delivered a two-day Effective Coaching Skills workshop
  • Regional Luxury Retail Brand – We’ve run a 6-module Leadership Series including modules on: Leadership Mindset, Vision and Strategy, Managerial Courage, Leadership Communications, Leading Change, and Driving Collaboration
  • Global Insurer – We are working with three different global insurers. We’ve delivered sessions on Analytical Thinking, Leveraging Strengths, Presenting in a Hybrid Environment, Leading Hybrid Teams, and Business Networking Skills.
  • Global Luxury Brand– A 4-module Leadership program for retail store managers covering the following topics: Performance Management, Career Conversations, Feedback and Difficult Conversations, and Interviewing Skills
  • Global High-Tech Firm– A 4-module Leadership program covering the following topics: Business Mindset, Communicating with Presence, Partnering with Business Stakeholders, Managing Stakeholder Expectations.
  • Global Retail Brand – A 6-Module Leadership Program covering the following topics: Effective Leadership, DISC Communication Styles, Motivation, Delegation, Coaching and Feedback, Managing Team Dynamics, Making Connections and Influencing Others.
  • Executive Coaching– selected executive coaching engagements
  • Plus many other projects with a variety of global and regional clients!

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about any of the above projects. We can support you face to face and also in a variety of virtual formats – WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and others. 

Please tell us about your needs and we’ll find a way to support you!

Working from Home vs Office

Many organizations now offer greater flexibility for employees to work from either office or home. But how can you maximize your output by taking advantage of this flexibility?


  • The office tends to work better for in-person meetings, relationship building, and activities requiring collaboration.
  • The office also offers you better opportunities to increase your visibility with key stakeholders.
  • In addition, the office offers advantages when it comes to technology – for example, more reliable internet connections and access to quality / high volume printing.
  • So leverage your office days to take advantage of relationship-oriented work and for when you have special technology needs.


  • Working from home tends to work best for asynchronous tasks where you need deep focus time and you can work undisturbed for longer periods of time.
  • Working from home also works better for tasks that can be done independently and are less dependent on team interactions.
  • From a personal perspective, working from home allows better work life integration where a more flexible schedule can allow some key personal tasks to be done while still fully meeting work commitments.