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November 2020

Tips on working virtually
Leading Hybrid Teams
2020 Update
5 Tips on Working from Home

Studies show that working from home can actually increase productivity!


The most effective ways for remote employees to stay productive, according to a 2019 survey, were to take breaks (37%), have set working hours (33%) and keep a to-do list (30%)

Here are some additional tips for working effectively from home:

  1. Stay Connected – Its easy to feel isolated when working from home.  Make time to have regular scheduled interactions with your manager, team members, and other key stakeholders.
  2. Get Set Up With The Right Equipment – Most of our homes are not set up as professional workspaces, and many employees lack both the space and equipment to work productively. While it may be hard to replicate our office environment, many of our participants reported that getting an ergonomic chair, and perhaps a second monitor made a huge difference in their comfort and productivity. Other participants mentioned getting a good headset and mouse/keyboard set up helped them work more effectively from a laptop.
  3. Convert commute time to exercise  – If you are working from home, the good news is that there is zero commute time. Why not put that 30 minutes (or more) to use for some physical fitness to kick start and /or wrap up your work day.
  4. Use “dinner” as a signal to shut down for the day – One of the biggest challenges faced by those working from home, was feeling like they were “on duty” 24 x 7. In a global environment, emails and calls arrive around the clock. If our laptop is open, we feel required to respond. Numerous participants in our workshops shared that physically shutting down the laptop at dinner made a huge difference in improving their life balance.
  5. Agree with your manager and your team on work  and non-work hours – building on point 4, it can be very helpful for the entire team to discuss and agree on appropriate work and non-work hours. It’s also good to agree on how escalations or emergency issues should be addressed while working from home.

Get more tips and strategies in our “Working Effectively from Home”  workshop!

The New Normal
  • Google employees will work from home until 2021 or longer.  HSBC is planning for a larger percentage of employees to work from home in the future. More organizations are operating on split shifts, and finding benefits in offering greater flexibility to the workforce.
  • Working from home is certainly the new normal, and for many organizations, it is part of the way forward.
  • Is your organization ready to embrace having managers and employees working remotely on a part-time or even on a full time basis?
  • Are your managers and employees regularly meeting with and presenting to colleagues across the region or even globally?
  • Do you feel it is important to equip your employees with the skills and tools to work more effectively in a virtual environment?
  • If the answers to any of  those questions  is yes, you may benefit from considering some of the solutions we offer for a virtual workforce.
Working Virtually Series

We offer the following suite of 6 programs to help leaders and employees operate more effectively in an increasingly virtual environment:

  • Presenting Virtually
  • Working Virtually
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Leading Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual Facilitation
  • Leading Hybrid Teams  (new)

If you are interested to learn more, or if you would like a detailed program outline, please contact us.

Leading Hybrid Teams

New for 2021

Hybrid Teams are teams in which there is a mix of people working in the office and working  remotely / from home.

Moving forward through this Covid experience, most teams will face an ever-changing mix of team members working from either home or the office.

Leading Hybrid Teams will give your managers the tools and techniques to successfully lead mixed virtual teams with confidence.

Program content includes:

  • Addressing the challenges of leading hybrid teams
  • Establish communication protocols for hybrid teams
  • Building and maintaining effective relationships in hybrid teams
  • Managing diversity, inclusion and fairness in hybrid teams
  • Tips and best practices in leading hybrid teams
  • Leveraging technology for hybrid teams
2020 Update

2020 has been a challenge for almost every business sector.

Fortunately, with over 12 years of global webinar experience, we were in position to immediately support our global and regional clients with a variety of virtual workshops aimed at helping managers and employees work more effectively in a virtual environment. This year we’ve supported our clients with over 130 virtual sessions to date!

Some of the projects we’ve run in 2020 include:

  • Global Investment Bank – Presenting Virtually; Working in a Remote Environment; Leading Larger Teams; Conflict management; Judgement and Decision making; (25+ sessions)
  • Global Luxury Brand – Leading a Virtual Team (30 + sessions) – Americas, Europe and Asia
  • Global Investment Bank – Escalation Management; Personal Branding; Leading Effective Meetings, Negotiation Skills, Delegation Skills; Stakeholder Management; Leading And Presenting On Conference Calls, Story Telling For Business; Managing Time And Priorities; Problem Solving; Navigating Change; Growth Mindset, Managing Client Relationships (30+ sessions)
  • National Financial Regulator – Presenting Virtually, Management Essentials, Personal Effectiveness
  • Global Luxury Brand –  A 4-module Leadership program for retail store managers covering the following topics: Performance Management, Career Conversation, Feedback and Difficult Conversations, and Interviewing Skills
  • Global High Tech Firm–  A 4-module Leadership program covering the following topics: Business Mindset, Communicating With Presence, Partnering With Business Stakeholders, Managing Stakeholder Expectations
  • Global Retail Brand – A  6-Module Leadership Program covering the following topics: Effective Leadership, DISC Communication Styles, Motivation, Delegation, Coaching and Feedback, Managing Team Dynamics, Making Connections and Influencing Others
  • Plus many other projects with a variety of global and regional clients!

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about any of the above projects. We can support you in a variety of virtual formats – WebEx, Zoom, Skype for Business and others. And of course, face-to-face if circumstances permit.

Please tell us about your needs and we’ll find a way to support you!