30+ years expertise in Leadership, Team and Organization Development

Change Management

Latitude has extensive experience in helping large organizations work through changes. We offer customized consultative support for organizational changes. We also offer programs to help the organization work through change at all levels.

We offer support for the following kinds of changes:

  • Organization restructuring
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Outsourcing
  • Major Projects / Systems Implementation,
  • Managing Growth or Downsizing

Change Program Offerings

Strategic Change

Strategic Change is targeted at senior leaders and is focused on helping them take a more proactive approach to change by anticipating and responding to changes before circumstances force a painful and costly reaction. Program content includes:

  • The business case for proactive change!
  • Business Agility and Change: A framework assessing and auditing organizational agility.
  • Key Drivers of Change: How to anticipate change and stay ahead of the competition
  • Scenario Planning: What are the likely options and how should we respond?
  • Action planning to keep ahead of the changes
Leading Organizational Change

Leading Change focuses on how to lead the organization through the change. The session uses practical planning tools, experiential activities, video clips, and group discussion to create a dynamic learning environment. Program content includes:

  • Leading Change Model: Kotter’s model for change is used as a framework to integrate the tools for leading the organization through change.
  • Stakeholder Analysis: identification and in-depth analysis of key organizational stakeholders impacted by the change.
  • Communicating Change: in-depth planning tools for organizational communication.
  • Managing Resistance: effective strategies to manage resistance across the organization.
  • Leading Change Clinic: An open forum to address a variety of key issues resulting from the change.
Managing Change

Managing Change is aimed at people managers, and equips them with skills and tools to help their teams work through change.
Program content includes:

  • Change and Emotion: Key principles of how change affects people, and the key stages we experience as we work through change.
  • Change Styles Indicator: A powerful tool to help managers understand their own and others’ preferences in working through change.
  • Communicating Change and Managing Resistance: tools for effective team communication and strategies to manage resistance in the team.
  • Coaching Skills: Strong emphasis on coaching employees through the change process.
Navigating Change

Navigating Change is aimed at employees who are affected by changes in the workplace. The program focuses on helping employees better understand the changes, as well their own response to change. Then they develop strategies to help them successfully cope with the change. Fun, experiential activities, and video clips help to accelerate the learning around change.
Program content includes:

  • Change and Impact: A structured format for employees to discuss the current changes, the impact of the changes, and the benefits of the change.
  • Change and Emotion: Key principles of how change affects people, and the key stages we experience as we work through change.
  • Strategies for Change: Employees work together to identify personal strategies to cope with the changes at work.
Driving Change Projects

Implementing any new system or project often requires driving a change across an entire organization. Project leaders often have insufficient power and visibility to drive these changes successfully. Driving change projects gives the project leaders tools and techniques to engage stakeholders more fully in the change process, and implement the project more smoothly. Program content includes:

  • Change Readiness Indicator to highlight key areas of focus before the project begins
  • Sponsor and Senior Stakeholder Engagement
  • Change Project Scoping to clarify project scope and manage stakeholder expectations
  • Stakeholder Analysis to assess levels of impact and support for the project
  • Effective Change project communications

Our programs are highly interactive and emphasize experiential learning, real world case studies, lively discussion, and practical application.

All program offerings are developed and tailored to meet client needs. If desired, case studies, role play scenarios, and other activities will be created based specifically on the client’s own environment.